Making the Right Color and Fabric Choices for Your Curtains

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When choosing the colors, fabrics & trim for curtains and window treatments, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Color is very important, as it can be used subtly to tie the room together in a unifying color scheme or as a contrast, making the window a bright and dramatic focal point. Before choosing colors, it is important to decide what type of ambiance you want for the room. You also want to take into consideration the number of windows, their sizes and spatial relationship to one another on the walls of the room.

Neutral Fabric ColorsColor Choices are Important

A large, formal living room or dining room might call for a monochromatic color scheme, whereas a funky, boho-chic loft might be better suited with a pop of bright color as a window treatment. Even if you ultimately decide to go with similar shades, you can still play with the color palette and choose curtains that are a few shades lighter or darker than your walls or furnishings. It can also be quite flattering to do your window treatments in a shade that repeats itself in your décor, like a burnt sienna that’s repeated in a rug’s border and again in a stripe on the couch.

Fabrics and Textures

Fabrics add texture and are also evocative of the mood of the room.Fabric Patterns That Add Texture Gauzy, billowing layers can turn a bedroom into a romantic retreat, where heavier brocades or crushed velvet are more appropriate for a formal dining area. Small patterns can give the illusion of texture from across a room.

If you decide to go with large prints, make sure that the window treatment can hold its own in the room without appearing to dominate the space, unless you are drawing attention to a breathtaking view or city skyline.

What’s Hot Now?

The trend now is toward more streamlined, tailored window treatments. Often these incorporate panel curtains inside the frame of the window, or side panels. Shades can be nubby-textured, made of “green” materials for that au natural appearance. Valances are not as ornate as in past seasons, with simple, clean lines.

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