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At Curtains Boutique, we design and create the most glamorous, elegant, and fashionable fabric window treatments using beautiful designer fabrics and trims. As these come in so many different styles, colors, and patterns, there’s sure to be something that will meet your design needs, regardless of budget. Fabric curtains are a timeless way of adding a touch of class and beauty to any room, and no other material offers a greater range of flexibility when it comes to window treatments. The first step in the design process is to schedule your free in-home consultation, so please call us today. Read more

Window Treatment Fabrics

Fabrics for custom window treatments are a timeless way of adding distinction and beauty to any room. No material offers a greater range of flexibility when it comes to design, and fabrics come in many different styles, colors, and patterns that there’s sure to be something that will meet your design needs.

Fabrics for window treatments are made of many different materials – wool, linen, cotton, silk, nylon, and polyester. Synthetic fabrics – nylon and polyester – tend to be less expensive, while natural fabrics are significantly more costly.

When it comes to fabric for curtains and drapes, whether you’re looking for designer fabrics or are simply looking for a budget-conscious solution to improving your home’s decor, contact the design experts at Curtains Boutique.

Window Treatment Trims

With endless color and style options available, fabric trims are the perfect way to add that remarkable detail, character, and style to your custom window treatments. Trim along the bottom and top of a window treatment cover your fabric’s raw edges, which can make your window treatments look more polished and finished. Trims also add weight to the bottom hem of the fabric, making it easier to hang. Unfortunately, homeowners usually overlook trims, but they can be as crucial as selected fabrics.
There are three primary categories of decorative trim: tapes, hanging (tassels), and cording (welting). This gives you many options to help embellish your next custom project from something ordinary into something extraordinary. Trim styles are available in numerous designs and colors to suit everyone’s taste and needs. We can help you navigate through the endless style options.

Drapery Fabrics

Choosing suitable drapery fabrics depends on your budget, the desired level of privacy, the overall design, and ultimately the level of care and maintenance. Drapery fabrics add pattern, color, and texture. In addition, they can soften the architectural lines of windows and enhance the room’s ambiance.
Decorator fabrics generally have a higher thread count, making them more durable than other fabrics. The more substantial weight of these fabrics also helps curtains hang better. Lined curtains, except for sheers, have a more professional-looking finish, block more light and offer more insulation than unlined ones. Interlining is an additional layer of fabric sandwiched between the curtain fabric and lining, adding further insulation and more body.

Curtain Fabrics

Choosing appropriate fabrics for your curtains will enhance any home or business’s design appeal and functionality. From light-controlling blackout fabrics that add privacy to any kind of color and pattern combination, we will help you find the perfect fabrics for your window treatment project with unique trim designs available.

The most common curtain fabric types are cotton, silk, linen, polyester, velvet, acrylic, rayon, brocade, lace, and voile. Each type has its benefits based on its weight, texture, light blocking or exposing qualities, durability, and sun-fade resistance.

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