Yes, Window Treatments Can Be Used for Weatherproofing

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Insulate window with caulking gunDrafty, ill-fitting windows can cause a home’s central heating system to work overtime in the winter and the air conditioning to seep out in the summertime. Older homes are especially prone to heating and cooling losses that can rack up sky-high energy bills. In order to maximize your energy savings, you will need to caulk and weatherstrip around windows to reduce air leakage or infiltration.

But, utilizing the right window treatments can not only add beauty and improve the aesthetics of your rooms; they can also help to reduce energy consumption when used as weatherproofing.

Layering Window Treatments for Weatherproofing

One attractive way to achieve weatherproofed windows is by layering various types of window treatments. Colorful, textured combinations of high-quality sheers, shades and curtains can reduce drafts as well as solar heat gain in an ensemble that matches or enhances the décor of any room. But, not all energy efficient window coverings are equal.

Some Shades are Better Than Others

Hunter Douglas and Norman Window Fashions Honeycomb or cellular shades are the most efficient as they are designed to insulate by trapping colder air around window edges. They come in single and double cells; the more cells, the more insulating properties. Their opacity also blocks light and, to some extent, drafts. The closer the shades are installed to the windows, the more cold or hot air is trapped. Roman Shades are another upscale weatherproofing option to consider, and some come with cellular and thermal linings built right into the shade. Another good choice is energy-efficient solar shades, which also reduce heat absorption through windows.

Invest in Quality Window Treatments

Selecting high-end, designer window treatments for your home or office will not only enhance the appearance of any room in your home, but can save you money in the long run, as your heating and cooling costs will dip dramatically. North-facing windows usually require the most insulation, especially if they are large, such as picture windows. Floor-to-ceiling lined draperies are a good choice for windows in this location or size. Smaller rooms that would be visually dominated by floor-length, insulated curtains can still benefit by utilizing honeycomb or cellular shades in combination with side panel draperies.

Some homeowners also choose to rotate their window treatments seasonally, hanging heavier, darker shades, curtains, and draperies up in the colder months and then transitioning to lighter, airier fabrics or panels in the spring and summer.  Some shades are even reversible, with a light and dark side.

For additional information, The United States Department of Energy website offers tips for adding energy-efficient window treatments in your home or business.

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