Window Treatment Solutions for Specialty Window Shapes

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In the past few years, home designs have moved away from traditional rectangular windows. The trend now is more dramatic, sweeping views from tall, floor-to-ceiling and even two-storied windows and irregularly shaped portals. While these window styles have a definite unique and modern appeal, they also present some challenges when it comes to designing window treatments for them.

It is important to define what the purpose of the window treatment will be in order to select the best fit. A decorative treatment will be approached differently from one intended for privacy. Once these issues have been settled, you can review your options.

Angles and Arches

Specialty Window - Angled WindowThe top-lighting provided by an angle window is a great way to allow additional light into a smaller, darker room. Yet this same design won’t mesh with traditional models of blinds or curtains. A solution we like is using bottom-up shades mounted on windowsills that, instead of being pulled down for coverage, roll up instead.

The timeless, classic appeal of an arched window is a beautiful architectural design in many traditional homes. A brightly colored valence that follows the shape of the arch assures that this feature will remain any room’s focal point. Sunburst arches that are often above front doors can be filtered with soft, shirred fabrics or blinds made from sustainable materials in various opacities to fit the lighting needs of the room.

Honeycomb shades and plantation shutters can be designed to fit the size and shape of almost any window arch. A benefit of plantation shutters is their versatility when you want the light streaming in and their architectural design highlighted.

Bay Windows

A bay window is a classic Victorian design that many homeowners choose to incorporate into their luxury modern homes. Forming a polygonal shape, the recessed interior of a bay window setting can become a cozy nook. A window seat covered in the same fabric as the draperies or in a complementary color palette can be set off with a valence above and tied-back drapes that can be closed for privacy.

Small Windows

Often present in older homes, these types of windows can be tricky to treat because you don’t want to block out much of the light. A Balloon or Roman shade is sometimes the perfect solution as it can be hung about a foot above the window, giving the illusion of height while allowing natural light into the room.

Tall WindowsSpecialty Window - Curved Top Window

Tall windows often open out onto sweeping vistas or stunning cityscapes. As this is a high-end feature that is highly coveted, there is no need to hide them. Sheers are a good option that can filter out glare from these tall windows.

When choosing these designs, a homeowner should understand that most window treatments will have to be custom-made and that the installation will be more time-consuming and difficult, and thus more expensive. However, achieving the perfect look in your luxury home or office is priceless. We can help you discover the perfect window treatment design for any room, no matter the size or shape of the window. Call us today to schedule a Shop-at-Home appointment.

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