Drapery Hardware: The Finishing Touch for Your Window Treatments

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No window treatment project is finished until the hardware and accent pieces have been aesthetically integrated into the design. In the past, hardware took a back seat to the window treatment materials, but this is no longer the case. Today’s drapery hardware is made up of an interesting array of materials – iron, brass, copper, glass, acrylic, wood, etc. Choosing the best selections to highlight the finished product requires a professional eye to make sure that the combination works on both functional and stylistic levels. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing your hardware.

Form Follows Function

Kingston on a pole with crystal beads, full length panelsWhatever type of rods, brackets and screws you select must be able to bear the full weight of the window treatment fabrics and allow for the wear and tear associated with opening and closing draperies and/or raising and lowering shades over time. Obviously, heavier, more elaborate draperies will require more substantial hardware choices than light, gauzy curtains. Heavier fabrics usually require drapery poles as opposed to simple curtain rods designed to hang filmier fabrics and sheers.

Depending on the style of window treatment, the majority of the hardware may be hidden. This was traditionally the way window treatments were done, but is not nearly as common today. Many hardware options come in designer styles and colors to match all types of room décor.

Don’t Spare the Rod

As mentioned above, heavier fabrics require a great deal more support, so don’t think that you can save pennies by going with a flimsy rod. Your fancy drapes won’t look so fine when they come crashing down into a fabric puddle on the floor. Whatever hardware you choose must adequately support all aspects of the window treatment. I offer my clients options that I know will support and display their window treatments beautifully.

Wooden and metal rods can be custom-cut to fit any size window. The style and materials you choose will determine whether a single, double, traverse rod will be required. The addition of accent pieces like finials, rings, and tiebacks add to the weight of the window treatment as well.

Curtain Finials in different stylesFinials are the decorative ends of a curtain rod and along with rings and tiebacks come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. They provide an opportunity to add that extra design element. You can choose from wood (painted or unpainted), metal, stainless less, wrought iron, decorative ceramic, mother-of-pearl or glass, in a variety of styles and designs. Consider what type of design statement you’d like to make, as well as what will complement your window treatments and room décor, when choosing finials and accessories.

Measurements Matter

Whichever materials you select, the success or failure of your window treatments hinges on the exact measurements being taken prior to the installation. This is where the services of a professional designer become invaluable. An incorrect measurement can throw off the entire look of your window treatment, making it appear dwarfed by swaths of fabric or simply ill fitting and skimpy. Curtains Boutique knows how to accurately measure the dimensions of the window for the right number of panel widths and for how much break (a term for where the bottom of the drapery panel sits in relation to the floor). For a more dramatic look, draperies can “puddle” on the floor or simply overlap an inch or so. We can recommend the right type of supporting brackets that can set off the window treatment beautifully while assuring its stability and functionality is never compromised.

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