Window Treatments for Commercial Applications

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The window treatment needs of a business client are different from those of a homeowner. Most commercial businesses strive to achieve a professional appearance that appeals to their clientele without necessarily being a focal point of the office itself. Below are several important considerations when choosing window treatments for your office.

Commercial Style

Most office settings look best with a solid color or understated pattern used in their window treatments. A layered look with muted sheers underneath heavier fabric draperies that can be opened and closed with minimal effort is a popular choice in most professional settings. Choosing a motorized system that allows remote opening and closing can minimize intrusions from staff at inopportune times when consultations are taking place. Motorized shades are also a good choice for conference rooms when there is a need to darken them for presentations or other reasons.

Ophthalmologist's office

Light Filtration

The employees who work in the space should never have the glare of the sun to contend with while they work.  At certain times of the day, it may be necessary to alter some aspects of the window treatments, e.g., raising and lowering blinds, closing plantation shutters or draperies to block the blinding rays that at best distract from the task at hand; at worst, the sun’s glare can bring on headaches.

Light can be diffused to eliminate glare on computer screens in a variety of tasteful ways: sheers, blinds, roller shades and honeycomb-style cellular shades can all work well in an office setting, allowing natural light in without creating visual disturbances.


Waiting rooms and common areas like employee break rooms are less likely to require the same privacy needs. These rooms might be the perfect spot for some modern roller shades that can easily roll up or down to block the sun or let it stream in to perk up employee morale. Vertical, wood blinds, or mini blinds are all good choices for these office spots where large groups gather. Especially when winter days are foreshortened, office personnel will appreciate a little light exposure during their workday.

Security and Privacy

Sheer Panels in Doctor's Office Reception Area

Depending upon the industry, there can be a heightened need for security for those working late, as well as privacy for those patronizing the company. Some business owners like the hint of luxury draperies can lend to even the most professional office setting.

Simply the act of drawing them closed can signify that a customer’s patronage is valued, and their privacy is ensured. This may be most effective in attorneys’ offices, brokerages and the inner sanctum of doctors’ offices where clients often are given diagnoses. Offering your clientele the option of privacy to discuss their most intimate details is a sign of respect for them.

Energy Saving for Heating and Cooling Needs

Business owners with eyes on the bottom line will appreciate the energy savings solar shades can bring to a company. Cellular honeycomb shades also offer excellent insulation potential and can be incorporated easily into almost any window treatment.

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